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Starters / Appetisers Meat / Chicken
Spring rolls (beef and chicken)
Samosa (beef and chicken)
BBQ jerk chicken wings
Spicy chicken wings
Mini spare ribs (can be made spicy)
Beef/lamb fillets dressed with sauce on fried bread
Mini meat, chicken or fish pies
Mini jamaican patties(beef, chicken and lamb)
Chicken and beef skewers Mini susage rolls
Pepper soup (spicy soup with small portions of meat and Assorted sandwiches (chicken, beef, ham)
Spring rolls (meat) Vegetarian / Fish
Chin chin (fried dough cut into little square pieces) Spring rolls (vegetable) Samosas (vegetable)
Doughnuts or puff puff (made with yeast and flour)
Potato wedges
Stuffed eggs garnished with parsley
Fish cakes
Garlic bread
Dumplings (made with flour butter and eggs)
Mini jamaican patties (fish and vegetarian)
Prawns in batter
Prawn skewers
Salt and ackee
Scotch eggs (spicy or non spicy)
Sesame prawn toast
Selection of salads (coleslaw, potato salad, pasta salad, mixed salad)
Assorted sandwiches (tuna, salmon, cheese)
Main course Meat / Chicken
Special fried rice (with beef or chicken)
Mixed meat (chicken or beef or both) in fried tomato sauce garnished with wild peppers
Fried meat (chicken or beef) garnished with onions
Jerk bbq chicken with bbq sauce
Chicken in white sauce
Garlic chicken
Chicken in seasoned batter
Meat lasagne with mushrooms
Curry goat
Designer stew( spicy sauce made with green or red peppers and diced selection of meat)
Spaghetti bolognese Vegetarian / Fish
Spicy rice or jollof rice (rice in cooked tomato sauce)
Special fried rice (with vegetables only)
Stir fry noodles/chow mein
Spinach cooked with palm oil and a selection of diced meat (efo)
Yam porridge (yam cooked in palm oil)
Moi Moi (made with beans and tomato)
Beans cooked in tomato sauce Melon and vegetable soup (egusi soup)
Corn flour (pounded yam) Whole poached salmon with prawns
Poached fish dressed with a selection of vegetables
Fried fish in tomato sauce garnished with onions and peppers.
Rice and peas Fried plantain Desserts
Selection of cakes (Vanilla, carrot, banana, chocolate cake)
Apple pie
Selection of gateau (black forest, strawberry, chocolate)
Fruit cocktail
Fresh fruit platter



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